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pengolahan medeCashew nut processing that we do still use manual tools are simple. Starting frompengacipan to the stripping of the epidermis and packaging are still using manual humanlabor.

Manekin of Manekin manual use is made ​​of iron and wood. While stripping theepidermis also use a simple tool consisting of a frying pan and gutters are in it filled with water and heated.

There are several stages in the processing of cashew nuts

1. Drying and Cashew Selection of spindles

kacang mete gelondongan

Mete Gelondongan

Most nut logs that us buy from the farmers is nut spindles with very high water content. To reduce the moisture content then we hang to lower water levels.
The aim is to facilitate the processing of cashew nut shelling during spindles. Cashew nutspindles with high water content causes a lot of processed intact and processed cashew nuts cashew contaminated skin oils that interfere with the throat.
In the drying process we use only solar energy. Cashew nuts dried logs blazing heatedfor about two days and estimated water content of 8-6%.
After two days of sun-dried nuts can dioleh spindles after cooling for several minutes.Cashew nuts are dried logs can not exceed the limits specified
between 8-6% for cashew nuts logs that are too dry will cause the nut to be easily brokenwhen the shelling so many processed products that are not intact.
Selection of cashew nuts to separate log quality can be done before or after drying.Cashew nuts are germinated spindles separated by healthy nuts. Once separatedspecies can be processed cashew nuts or do shelling

2. Shelling

Before the shelling, the tools needed as a  kacip tool, sacks, limestone, and container penyungkil.

  1. Kacip Ceklok Manekin serves to split the logs and cashew nuts.
  2. Sacks serves as a base at the time of shelling cashew nuts and hold the skin.
  3. Lime serves to neutralize a dangerous nut oil skin to skin.
  4. Penyungkil serves to separate the cashew nut is attached to the skin.
  5. Storage container for storing the processed refined.

Step – a step shelling:

  1. Put the shelling tool on a flat surface that does not move at the time pengacipan place. Prepare material cashew on spindles and penyungkil the Kacip and lime.
  2. Seteleh all tools can be used then pengacipan do.


  • Put the nuts on the eye material keacip the bottom curve of log nuts facing upwards onthe top of the eye Manekin.
  • Mata Kacip derived using the right hand while his left hand still holding the materialcashew nuts.
  • Kacip the top is pressed down until a noise. Manekin which should not be pressed tosplit two logs cashews.
  • Kacip in motion to right eye to separate the nut with the nut and the skin when the skinhas not been separated, we use penyungkil to separate them.
  • Nut oils which cling neutralized by using chalk in hand. Greasy hands dipped in lime. In order for the processed oil is not contaminated with harmful cashew nut throat and skinshould be immediately separated.
  • Cashews are left with the skin then slowly the oil from the skin of processed cashew nutswill contaminate. Cashew nut oil contaminated may be marked with the color yellowcashew

3. Removal of the Testa

pemanasan kacang mete

Tempat Memanaskan Mete

Before stripping the nuts should be dried husk of solar heated about 2-3 hours to ease the process of stripping the epidermis.

The tools used are as follows:

Pan as the container for heating water used steam to heat the nut before the stripping of the epidermis
Gutters as a container that is used to put the nuts when heated.
Water. Using water as it prevents kegosongan during heating of cashew nuts.
Stove and firewood

Skin stripping steps are as follows:
Wok filled with enough water and then put gutters on it and heated on the stove. Once thewater boils shelled nuts that will be placed above arinya gutters.
Wait until the hot beans and nuts can be peeled by hand. Shelled nuts should be done slowly to reduce the short of cashew nuts that are not intact. Cashew nuts are shelled by hand can not be re-heated.

4. Drying Processed results

Cashew nuts that have been peeled removed testa dried to enhance resilience in storage. The more dry nuts the longer withstand the damage. To dry, put cashews solar heated for 4-5 hours.


5. Grading

grade kacang mete

Grade Kacang Mete

Once dried cashew nuts are sorted, separated colored black nuts because sprouts, cashew nuts which are not whole and intact.
Once the nuts are separated plastic containers and stored in a tightly closed container.

Kernels, whole and broken, sorted into 6 grading schedules. There is little demand forcashew nuts broken or dark and broken.

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